William Grant Nares (1863-1912)

Eldest son of Sir George Strong Nares.  At the tender age of nine, he accompanied his father on the "Challenger Expedition" with a tutor, (Adam Ebbels, who unfortunately died early in the voyage and was buried in Bermuda).  He must have returned to England with his father, who had been recalled in 1874 to lead the Arctic Expedition, and was sent to Rossall School from 1874-5.

He married Emma Frances Dent Bewsher (1867-1929). They had four children, Leslie Mowbray (1889-1916), Norah Katherine (b.1891), another son about whom we know nothing (except that his grandson, Malcolm, remembers seeing a family tree drawn by him on which this child is clearly shown!), and Malcolm Dent  (b.1893).