Ramsay Arthur Nares  (1917-1941)

The elder son of Hilary Nares, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1917.  He attended school at Gordon Bell High School and at St. Johnís College. Originally, he joined the Winnipeg Division as a sea cadet and then later served as an RCNVR Officer for several years before the war, even while his father was the Commanding Officer. 

When war broke out, he was employed by C. S. Gunn and Company. As an eager young Sub-Lieutenant, in September of 1939 he was one of the first to be mobilized from the Winnipeg Division.  He volunteered to serve with the Royal Navy, just as his father did in the WW1. In June of 1941, now a Lieutenant, He was onboard the RN destroyer HMS Fearless when she helped sink U38 west of Cape Trafalgar. His job in the Fearless was to stand by the torpedoes until they were fired, then he was to take charge of the after gun. Only one month later, on 23 July 1941, while screening HMS Ark Royal, the Fearless suffered an attack by an Italian torpedo bomber. She caught fire, lost all power, and when she was judged too damaged to tow, she was scuttled north of Bone, Algeria. Sadly, Ramsey was killed in this attack.