Rev. Owen Alexander Nares BD (1832-1916)

Born on the 1st April 1832, (at Llanarth, Monmouth), he was the third son of Captain William Henry Nares.  He was Vicar of St Twynnell's, in Pembrokeshire, from 1859-1866 and also Minor Canon of St David's from 1859.  In 1879 the Bishop of St David's appointed him as the vicar of St Michael and All Angels in Kerry, Nr Newtown in Montgomeryshire (even though by that time the parish was in the Diocese of St Asaph, the living was within the patronage of the Bishop of St David's) on the understanding that he would undertake the restoration of the church.  An architect's report on the condition of the building, which dated from 1176, stated that it was in a very delapidated and unsatisfactory condition and advised that it should be demolished and replaced with a new building!  Fortunately, a later inspection by the eminent architect, George Street, recommended restoration, and this major project, started in 1881, was finished in 1883.  Owen remained as Vicar until 1897.

St Michael and All Angels' Church,  Kerry.

"The Moat", Kerry, Montgomeryshire, Wales

Emily (Lewellin) Nares

He married Emily Lewellin, who was born in Lampeter in 1833 and whose father was the Dean of St David's. They lived in a house just outside the village, called "The Moat".  They had 3 sons and 3 daughters.   

William Owen Nares b.1859,  
Llewelyn Arthur Nares b.1860, 
Ramsay Nares
Francis Evelyn Nares
Helen Christine Nares
Caroline Emily Nares b.1866.

It appears that Emily was an enthusiastic amateur watercolourist, and a collection of 126 of her paintings was recently discovered by Miles Wynn Cato, a London based art dealer specializing in Welsh Art, who kindly sent us the example below.  She died on 21 Jan 1909.

Owen moved to Parkwood Road, Boscombe, Nr Bournemouth, (presumably after the death of his wife in order to be closer to his daughter, Francis, who lived in Highcliffe) and died on 12th May 1916.