Mary Nares (1753-1797)

Mary was the eldest daughter of Sir George Nares, who married the Rev. Thomas Treacher, (rector of Ardley in Oxfordshire), on the 17th Aug 1779 at Eversley, Hants.  She had five children, two of whom died young.  Of the three who survived, there were two daughters and one son.  

Susanna-Martha, (1783-1851), married Thomas Walker in 1806.  They had 4 sons and 2 daughters, Henry (d1884), George (1814-1883), Edward (b1816), Thomas, Harriet and Sophia Anne (1818-1916).

Anne, who was unmarried, died in Charmouth in 1858.

George, was a Lieutenant in the 2nd Life Guards and married Harriet Rachel Swainton in 1804 but had no children.

Thomas Treacher died in 1786 and Mary died in June 1797.