Llewelyn Arthur Nares  (1860-1939)

Photo taken in 1879

The second son of The Rev Owen Alexander Nares, he was born on the 19th of July, 1860, at Haverford West in Pembrokeshire, and went to public school there and later at the Godolphin School in London, where he finished in 1876.

He then returned to Haverford where he worked for the National Provincial Bank for a while, followed by a brief period with the Delhi & London Bank.  In 1879 he moved to Montreal to work in the Bank of British North America.  In 1881 he moved to Winnipeg and became involved in surveying work in the Canadian Rockies before joining the Merchant Bank of Canada.  This led to his forming the firm of Nares, Robinson & Black who became a prominent force in the development of Canadian interests.

Moving to the United States, he used the expertise he had developed in Canada to represent English interests and developed his operations to extend all over the western and southern parts of the US.  Under his charge, investments made in the early 1880s in the irrigation canals on the north side of the King's River were developed to the point where they irrigated more than 400,000 acres.  The colonization of these lands led to further purchases and subsequent development.  He served as president of the Fresno Canal and Irrigation Co., Consolidated Canal co., Summit Lake Investment Co., and was managing director of Laguna Lands Ltd.  The town of Lanare, 24 miles south of Fresno,  was named after him by its settlers out of respect for his extensive interests there.  During World War I he served as the food administrator in the San Joaquin Valley and in 1918 was appointed to survey the proposed transcontinental highway facilities from Reno to Salt Lake City.

Anna L England

He married Anna L England and had two sons.  Basil Llewelyn, born in 1888, and  Hilary George, born in 1890.

He eventually divorced Anna in Winnipeg, Manitoba, before moving to California where he married Kathryn Evans, (daughter of Newton Evans Snr.) in 1909, (who must have been in her early 20s at the time) but they do not appear to have had any children.  He died on the 24th of July 1939, having never fully recovered from a motoring accident four years previously.