John Nares (1754-1816)

The eldest son of Sir George Nares, born 4 Apr 1754 in London, he was educated at Eton and then called to the bar.  He was appointed Commissioner of Bankrupts by the then Chancellor, Lord Bathurst, and Secretary of Briefs by Lords Loughborough and Thurlow.   He became a Bow Street Magistrate and a Bencher of the Inner Temple.

In August 1785 he married Martha Brigstocke who was the daughter of Owen Brigstocke and had four sons and one daughter.  John Bever Nares (c1786-1810),  William Henry Nares (1789-1857), Francis Manners Nares (c.1790-1863) &  Edward Probyn Nares (c.1792-1837).  Their daughter, Frances(?), died at a young age in 1805. 

He died on 16th Dec 1816.