Vice-Admiral John Dodd Nares DSO (1877-1957)

(Photo kindly provided by the
International Hydrographic Bureau
in Monaco)

Like his father, Sir George Strong Nares, he joined the Navy, in 1892, and started his long association with the surveying branch of the navy as a sub-lieutenant on the Triton. Soon he was to join the Penguin for an 8 year stint on the Australian Station, surveying around New Zealand, Tasmania and Queensland.

In 1902 he returned to England and joined the Research for a season before being sent to the Egeria in British Colombia.  In 1910 he succeeded to her command and went on to the Fantome when she was laid off.  From 1913 to 1917 he served in the Hydrographic Department of the Admiralty and then, commanding the Enterprise distinguished himself during Naval operations off Palestine, for which he was awarded the DSO.

Promoted to Captain in 1919, he continued his surveying roles in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, West African Coast and the Straits of Malacca, and, on promotion to Rear-Admiral, was placed on the retirement list.  In 1932 he was elected president of the Directing Committee of the International Hydrographic Bureau at Monaco, and was a director until his death.

He married Adeline (Lena) Chaffey McIntyre daughter of Mr Justice McIntyre of Hobart, Tasmania, and had two children, John George "Alastair" (who was killed in action in the Fleet Air Arm during WW2) and Dorothy.

Dorothy married first Cyril Barrett (1884-1933) in 1930.  She then married Gustav Von Dippe (whose family were wealthy German Nobles) on 28th Sept 1936. They lived in Ireland for a while and had two sons who live in America.