Major Henry Innes Nares (1845 - 1887)

The elder son from the second marriage of William Henry Nares,  he was born on the 19th of August, 1845, in Ramsgate.

He was educated at Eton, went on to Sandhurst and obtained an Ensigney in the 2nd Battalion of the 17th (Leicestershire) Foot in 1865.  He served for some time in Nova Scotia and Canada and then at Chatham, Aldershot, Plymouth, the Channel Islands and Ireland.  He served with his Battalion for several years in India and held the post of Deputy Assistant Adjutant General for Musketry in the Mhow district for five years.  

After serving in India he joined the 1st Battalion of his Regiment at York and at his death had been in command of the detachment at Tynemouth for four or five months.  He died suddenly from a lung infection, from which he had appeared to be recovering, on 5th Sept 1887, almost exactly one month after his mother passed away.  He was obviously very popular in his regiment and his funeral was well attended.  

His fellow officers donated a polished brass lectern to All Saint's (Episcopal) Church in New Machar.  It was made by Hardman, Powell & Co., and the photo below was kindly sent to me by Nicholas Bogdan, (whose great-great-grandmother was Susan Ramsay, Henry's mother).