George Strange Nares (1759-1794)

George with his younger brother Edward in c.1775.
The artist is thought to be J. Hamilton Mortimer 1744-89.
The boys are wearing their Westminster School clothes and are
standing in front of their home, Warbrook House, Eversley, Hants.

The second son of Sir George Nares, he was born on 29 Apr 1759 and educated at Westminster School from where he was elected from the foundation to a studentship of Christ Church in 1776.  He then went into the army and became a Captain in the 70th Foot.  He distinguished himself at the taking of Martinique under Lord Grey, and was rewarded for his gallantry by being given a Civil Post in Martinique after its surrender.  Sadly, he died a few weeks later, on 20 April 1794 of yellow fever.  He wrote a will, on his death-bed, making his brother, Edward, guardian of his son. 

He married, Ann Heard from Ireland, in Cork in 1790.  She bore him one son, George, who was given a commission by His Royal Highness, The Duke of York, when an infant, in consideration of his father's services. (Unfortunately he died of dropsy shortly after being admitted to the Royal Military College in Marlow.)