George Nares (1679-1755)

The earliest records of George Nares, Gentleman, show that he probably came from Worcester,  (It seems likely that he is a direct descendant of one ffrancis Naires who was born in c. 1574, whose son, James, born in 1604, might well be the grandfather of George Nares.  (It is interesting that in 1751 "The London Magazine" recording the marriage of George's son, the future Sir George Nares, spelt the surname as "Naires" strengthening the possibility of a link to ffrancis Naires.)

He came to live at Stanwell, Middlesex, where we think he may have met his wife, Jane Dandridge, whom he married on 6th March 1699 at St Magnus the Martyr in London.  However, the Parish records of St Helen's Church in Worcester have many references to both the Naires and Dandridge families, suggesting the possibility of an earlier family connection that may have led to their meeting at Stanwell, or that they originally met in Worcester.   

While in Stanwell, it seems probable that he worked for the Hon. James Bertie, brother of the 2nd Earl of Abingdon, who had an estate there.  They had a daughter, Elizabeth (b. c. 1702) and two sons. James Nares b.1715, (perhaps named after his [possible] great-grandfather, or his father's employer) and Sir George Nares b.1716, before moving to Albury in Oxfordshire, where he lived for the rest of his life.  For those 39 years he was an attorney and Steward to the 2nd and 3rd Earls of Abingdon, and was buried in Albury at St Helen's Church.

Although the church was demolished and rebuilt in 1828, a plaque for both him and his wife remains on the chancel floor.  The plaque must originally have been commissioned by him for his wife (and the arms of their two families are quartered on the impressive slab) and an inscription to him was squeezed into the space at the top when he died.  


The inscriptions read;

Here lies the Body of
d. 14 July 1755 (aged) 76
He was an honeft Man
And a good Christian

[coats of arms
of Nares and Dandridge

Here lyeth the body of
Mrs JANE NARES  Wife of
who departed this life the 28th of
January 1738 aged 65 years.
Whose general good Character
throughout all her Neighbourhood
is much better known than can be
defervedly defcribed.