Lieut. Geoffrey Owen Nares  (1917-1942)

The younger son of Owen Nares, he was born on 10 Jun 1917 and educated at Westminster.  He seems to have inherited his father's theatrical talents and his first stage appearance was at the Adelphi Theatre on 17 Dec 1934 where he played the stable boy in "The Winning Post" with an all-star cast in support of King George's Pension Fund for Actors. In June 1935, at the Globe Theatre, he played Kim Oldham in "Grief Goes Over" and in Oct that year he played Martin Hilton in "Call it a day" in which his father, Owen, had the leading role as Roger Hilton. So, father and son in real life played father and son on stage! The play ran for over a year. He also showed talents in stage design and his career was moving more in that direction when the war intervened. He joined the 12th Royal Lancers (armoured cars) in 1941 and fought a hard war in the desert during which he distinguished himself on several occasions.  Unfortunately, he contracted sand fly fever in the autumn of 1942 and was sent to Cairo where he died of a tumour on the brain.  He was buried at the Heliopolis War Cemetery, outside Cairo.