Commander Edward Nares RN (c.1827-1879)


[This image comes from an album belonging the surgeon of HMS Reindeer, held in the Vancouver City archives]

Edward was the son of Edward Probyn Nares.  He was born in c. 1827 and went into the Royal Navy and became Lieutenant in 1848 and Commander in 1860. He was Captain of HMS Reindeer from when she was commissioned in 1866 through to 1871. On July 9, 1868, he hoisted the British flag on Caroline Island, in the South Pacific. (He reported 27 persons living in the settlement on the southern islet, raising stock, pigs, and poultry; salting fish; and planting coconuts and extracting coconut oil).  The mural below shows the ship arriving at Chemainus Harbour, Vancouver, in 1869.

By 1871 the Reindeer was in Peru under the command of Captain Kennedy, so he must have moved on to pastures new before then.

Augusta Law

He married Augusta Frances Law in 1863 and had one daughter, Agnes Sophia.  He lived in Scarborough, Yorkshire, where he died on 27 April 1879.