Anthony James Nares (1942-1996)

The son of John George "Alastair" Nares, he was born on 17 Dec 1942, shortly after his father's death.  He was educated at Charterhouse and in France, where he proved to be a fine linguist, becoming fluent in French and Spanish.  

His natural skills as an entrepreneur revealed themselves at an early age when he abandoned formal schooling to become an Encyclopedia salesman in Argentina.  He then joined the Army briefly (short service commission in the Blues) and after a spell as a copywriter became managing director of a marketing consultancy.  

However, it was in 1978 that he decided  to go into publishing and start a new business magazine, "Marketing Week", which (against the perceived wisdom of the day) set out to challenge established publications.  He achieved this by raising money from friends and neighbours and by his own unstinting drive and commitment.  In spite of the odds being stacked against him it turned out to be an extremely profitable venture.  In 1982 the magazine was bought up by Centaur Communications, of which Anthony became a managing director.  His next brainchild, a publication aimed at financial intermediaries, "Money Marketing", again took on the established titles of the day and became another major success story.  These two magazines were largely responsible for the huge growth of Centaur.

He was also gifted at both water-skiing and skiing which, unfortunately, led to his untimely death in an avalanche at Klosters on 19 Feb 1996.

He married Thomasin Sarah Gilbey in 1975 and they have one son, George Gilbey (b. 1982).